Robert Gerhard Merker

Freelancer, Master of mineral processing engineering

For nearly 40 years, I've been working in the raw materials industry as a mineral processing engineer.

A profound course of studies at the famous mining school of Freiberg (Bergakademie) has been a sound basis of my professional career.

I've been working successfully on various positions, and interesting tasks in the line of development, production and marketing, finally as an industry consultant.

My special skills and know-how provide a helpful service in all terms of mineral engineering, reclamation and use of secondary & primary raw materials.

I keep on being active as an independent freelancer, and offer my senior experience for your benefit with pleasure.

My references are shown in detail in this part of my web-site. rgmr

1976 – 1981

Mining University Freiberg/ Germany (Bergakademie)

  • studies of mineral processing / mechanical processing engineering, graduation as a master of engineering (Dipl.-Ing.), engineers degree project: china clay processing, diploma thesis: flotation of poor tin ores.

1991 – 1992

College of Chemistry Fresenius Wiesbaden (Chemieschule Fresenius)

  • professional training in industrial environmental pollution control, contaminated sites management, hazardous materials and waste management.

1981 - 1990

Mineral Raw Materials Consulting Dresden GmbH, (geological industry)

research associate and project manager,

  • project development, exploration of mineral deposits, process and product development, basic engineering, feasibility study rare earths (RE) ores etc.

1992 - 1995

B.U.S Environmental Services (Berzelius- Umwelt-Service AG)

(plants of processing and recycling of residues from the metallurgical industry)

Project engineer and project manager,

  • pilot tests, process development, engineering, plant construction, application engineering of secondary raw materials, product and market development

1996 - 2003

Aluminum Salt Slag Treatment Hanover und Luenen (ALSA GmbH)

(treatment and recycling plants of salt slags from Aluminium smelters)

Project manager, since 1997 head of Alumina sales and process development,

  • build-up of a secondary Alumina market in Germany and Central Europe, application engineering, product development,
  • process development, planning, construction and commissioning of processing plants in Germany, Norway and Canada

2004 - 2005

Recyclage d’Aluminium Québec Inc. Becancour/ Canada, later on ALSA Canada

(Al-smelters and salt slag treatment)

Consultant and manager of marketing and product development,

  • commissioning and de-bottlenecking of a Salt Slag processing facility
  • product and market development for Alumina in North America

2005 - 2009

Aluminum Salt Slag Treatment Hanover, Luenen and Toeging, (ALSA GmbH, now BEFESA Salzschlacke), in Germany

head of application engineering and product development,

  • expansion of an Alumina market towards South Germany and Southeast Europe
  • green field project site evaluation, commissioning and de-bottlenecking of processing facilities
  • Project management, product and process development

from 2010 on

Freelancer (R. Gerhard Merker – mmp)

  • consulting for raw material producer and trader, recycling and processing facilities, etc.
  • sourcing and supply of Alumina, mill scale, Iron ore, micro silica, Silicon carbide, Silicon, Iron sulphate, fly ash etc.
  • raw material sourcing and consulting for portland and special cement kilns, flux blenders, mineral wool facilities, etc.
  • market development and studies about secondary raw materials like Alumina, Magnesia, dross etc.
  • process deveolpment and engineering for processing respectively recycling of salt slags, Alumina, Silicon by-products, Rare Earthes, Tin-, Lithium- and Gold ores etc.
  • consulting of REACH- and CLP-procedures, development of a product status
  • consultant for processing tests of rare earth exploration projects ( for CRC among others)


1984 - 1988, from 2016

technical consulting, ore reserve evaluation, pilot tests, planning of a green field rare earth mining project

Belgium, France, Scandinavia, Poland, Hungary, Czech, Austria, Sweden etc.:

from 1994

PEA salt slag, acquisition / customer care/ application engineering (cement kilns, mineral wool, steel mills)



permit application, plant site evaluation, planning of a brown field salt slag project



Aluminium recycling seminar in Sao Paolo,

USA / Kanada:

2000 - 2008,

salt slag project development, plant planning, site evaluation, consulting, commissioning, manager of product and market development,

from 2011 on

consultant for metallurgical tests and process engineering, REE exploration + PFS projects, Nb/Ta-ores, Gold/Copper plants

middle East:

from 2011 on

consulting for Aluminium dross processors

Geological exploration:

Rare Earthes ores (REE), Feldspar, Quartz, Gold/Copper ores, Nb/Ta-ores, Bentonite,

Raw materials and commodities:

Quartz, Feldspar, Bentonite, REE-Y-ores, Col-Tan ores, Heavy Mineral sands, Baryte, Talcum, Tin/tungsten ores, Gold-Copper-Sulfide ores, Li-ores, China clay, Alumina, Aluminiumhydroxide, Aluminium Metal, Aluminium dross, Silicon,SiC, Arc furnaces steel mill dust, Waelzkiln slag, Foundry sand, Al- and Mg-Salt Slags and cakes, Bypass dust from cement kilns, Potash

Processes and techniques:

  • Flotation of REE-Y-minerals, Fluorite, Baryte, Mica, Li-minerals, Cassiterite, Potash, gold, sulfides etc.;
  • Magnetic separation and purifying of REE-minerals, Ilmenite, Mica, Fe-minerals, Aluminium oxide, Aluminum
  • Electrostatic separation of Silicon and Heavy minerals;
  • Eddy current separation of metals like Magnesium and Aluminum,
  • Gravity separation of REE, Gold, Tin and Col-Tan minerals;
  • Wet and dry processing/milling of Al- and Mg-salt slags as well as various ores;
  • Processing of various ores, Feldspar, Aluminium oxide, China clay etc.;
  • Classifying of Aluminium oxide, metals, Salt slags, ore slurries, China clay, etc.;
  • Autogenous comminution of Salt slags;
  • Screening of Aluminiumoxide, Aluminium hydroxide, Feldspar;
  • Calcining of ceramic products, secondary Alumina, Calcium Aluminates;
  • thermical purification and upgrading of Alumina from salt slag and dross processing;
  • Drying of Alumina, Aluminum, ore concentrates;
  • Pelletizing of Aluminium hydroxide, ceramic mixings, Steel mill dust, Bypass dust;
  • Briquetting of Stell mill dust, Aluminium hydroxide, Alumina, Silicon etc.;
  • Filtration of China clay, ore slimes, Aluminium hydroxide, Salt slag;
  • Dedusting and cleaning of dryers and calciners off-gases;
  • Melting of Alumina etc.;
  • Mechanical and pneumatical conveying of dusts, bulk materials, etc.;
  • Crystallization of Chlorides
  • Processing of Gold/Copper-ores

Ore processing:

1985 - 1989:

Rare Earthes Ores of Dong Pao/Vietnam:

development of a processing technique, basic engineering, (grinding, flotation, classifying, magnetic separation, filtration, drying, acidic leaching), site evaluation, mine and facility planning, feasibility study for 40 kt/y of ore input

2012 - 14:

Rare earth ore Ashram/Eldor/Canada:

development of a flotation technique for a Monazite + Bastnaesite bearing carbonatite rare earth ore, consulting for a PFS (CRC)

from 2016 on:

REE study Vietnam

from 2016 on:

Gold-Copper US

Consulting for a pilot plant operation, project development

Salt Slag processing:

1995 - 2009:

operation of Best-Available-Technology Salt Slag treatment plants at Luenen 170 kt/y, Hanover 110 kt/y, Toeging 100 kt/y in Germany (crushing, milling, screening, leaching, oxide filtration, chloride crystallization, off-gas washing, fertilizer production, etc.)

1998 - 2003:

process development and pilot processing tests of German, Canadian and Norwegian Salt Slags;

1997 / 1998:

development, construction and commissioning of a wet milling facility (milling, screening, magnetic separation, metal drying, off-gas washing) at ALSA Luenen/ Germany, 60 kt/y Al–Salt-Slag-fines input

2001 - 2004

development, planning, commissioning of a sophisticated processing plant (wet milling, screening, magnetic separation, leaching, oxide filtration, oxide curing and drying, chloride crystallization, off-gas combustion, etc.) at RAQ Inc. in Becancour /Canada, 30 kt/y slag input capacity


development, planning and permit application of a Salt Slag processing plant (crushing, wet milling, screening, filtration, leaching, crystallization etc.) at Hydro Aluminium in Karmoy /Norway, 50 kt/y capacity

2006 - 2008

construction, commissioning and de-bottlenecking of a Salt Slag processing plant (wet milling, screening, magnetic separation, leaching, oxide filtration, oxide curing and drying, crystallization, etc.) at ALSA Sued in Toeging/Germany, 100 kt/y input capacity


PEA study salt slag East Europe


1994 / 1995

development, construction and commissioning of a mixing and pelletizing facility of Steel Mills Arc Furnace dust and coke breeze at B.U.S Zinkrecycling Freiberg/ Germany, 100 kt/y capacity

Press filtration:

1999 / 2000

development, construction and commissioning of a press filtration facility of secondary Alumina at ALSA GmbH Luenen/Germany, ard. 100 kt/y output capacity



pilot tests and basic engineering of a fluidized bed calcining facility to produce high value ceramics from secondary Alumina, BUS AG

2001 / 2002:

development, planning and permit of a brown field calcining project (mixing, pelletizing, rotary kiln, cooler, screening, silo storage, packaging, off-gas cleaning) to produce Calcium Aluminate at ALSA GmbH Luenen / Germany, 30 kt/y output capacity


2003 / 2004

construction and commissioning of an Alumina drying facility (feeding system, rotary dryer, bag house filter, screening, packaging) at RAQ Inc. in Becancour/Canada, ard. 20 kt/y output capacity


construction, commissioning and de-bottlencking of an Alumina drying facility (feeding system, rotary dryer, bag house filter, pneumatic conveyors, silo station) at ALSA Sued in Toeging / Germany, ard. 50.000 t/y output capacity

2007 / 2009

start-up, de-bottlenecking and ramping-up of an Alumina drying facility at ALSA GmbH in Hanover/ Germany, ard. 20 kt/y output capacity


  • secondary Alumina for the lines of cement clinker, mineral wool, steel refining slags, refractories, building materials, filler etc.; development of a market of ard. 250 kt/y secondary Alumina in Germany, Europe and North America
  • Feldspar / Quartz products in the ceramic and glass industry;
  • waeltz-slag for the road construction
  • Silicon and SiC, by-products for the metallurgy etc.
  • Mikrosilica for construction
  • mill scale and low grade iron ores for cement kilns etc.
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