Primary and Secondary Mineral Resources

  • Sampling, Analyses and Evaluation (e. g. part of exploration work, FS, PFS etc.)
  • Tests of Processing, Application, Refining or Separation
  • Concepts of Processing, Recycling and Utilization, PEA
  • Market and Business Development, Akquisition
  • Product Development and Application Engineering,
  • Operations optimization, mineral and valuables balancing,
  • Process Development and Engineering
  • Project Development and Project Management
  • Sourcing and supply

Rare Earths and Rare Metals

  • Investigation and Characterizing of Ores and Processing tails
  • Beneficiation tests, Lab and Pilot scale
  • Analyses, Evaluation of Ores, Mineral Concentrates and tailings
  • Process Development and Engineering, mineral and valuables balance,
  • Flotation, WHIMS and other Separation processes
  • Carbonatite ores bearing RE-F-Carbonates (Bastnaesite etc.), MonaziteXenotime, fluorite, baryte, carbonates, silicates etc.
  • Others: ores of Nb/Ta, tin / tungsten, lithium, gold-copper-sulfides, china clay etc.

Aluminium- and Magnesium Salt Slags

  • Investigation and Evaluation (valuable constituents, feasibility of processing etc.)
  • Market Research, Business Concepts,
  • Processing Techniques and Process Development,
  • Operations improvement, valuables balancing,
  • Project Development and Project Management
  • Application / upgrading of residues
  • Gas treatment

Alumina Raw Materials (from the Salt Slag Processing)

Data sheets of all following grades see point "Sourcing"
  • Alumina S: bullk ware, moist, ard. 68 % Al2O3
  • Alumina SOD-T: silo ware, dry fines, ard. 68 % Al2O3
  • Alumina SFO: lumpy bulk ware, moist, ard. 75 % Al2O3
  • Alumina SFO-K: white calcinate, chunks, ard. 85 % Al2O3
  • More sorts on request

Sourcing / processing of other Raw Materials

Data sheets of all following grades see point "Sourcing"
  • Mill Scale, differnet grades for cement clinker use etc.
  • Aluminuim dross fines for metallurgical uses, desox etc.
  • Micro Silica fines (from Cofermin) for use in high-strength concrete etc.
  • Fly ash from paper sludge incineration as cement clinker feed stock, cement composit, filler, soil improver etc.
  • Silicon Carbide fines for refractory uses etc.
  • Silicon granules for metallurgical uses etc.

Environment, Safety, Permit Applications

  • Evaluation of Mineral Materials and Residues
  • Safety Data Sheets of Mineral Raw Materials and Industrial Residues
  • REACH-Registration and CLP- Classification Procedure (consulting and co-ordination)
  • Support with Application Procedures of Plant Projects etc.